First thing's first… We know you've all been wondering what's been going on behind the scenes in the MK1 Headquarters recently, it's been very difficult for us to make certain decisions of late, but we've had to make a very important one. 

Most of all, we'd like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout our rollercoaster journey, and for making every memory with you all so special. As of now, however, our journey as 'Charlie and Sim' of MK1 has reached a crossroad. 

Charlie - Sim and I have been making incredible music, in my eyes, for a long time now. We've been through so many ups and downs and have always stayed strong. This change in direction is not because of any flaws in our friendship, just a realisation for myself, that in order to make the music I have always wanted to, going forward as MK1 does not work in my heart. We have spoken on numerous occasions about this, and because all we want is for each other to be happy, it's only right that we now pursue what is best for both of us individually.

I am now going to be working on my solo project, Holloway. This project is something I had always dreamt would have become a reality, and now seems like the best time for it to really begin.

Sim - Deep down I know this has always been a route Charlie has wanted to take as a musician. The blood, sweat, and tears that got us to where we are today, has been the best experience money can't buy. At the end of the day being such good friends, we've only wanted each other to thrive in whatever we do. But now that point has come where musically we want slightly different things.

MK1 has been something truly special for the both of us and it is far too important to just let fade away. With that being said MK1 will continue without Charlie and I will be bringing forward a new line up. As you all know, it always has been and always will be #MK14LIFE

Charlie & Sim - From the bottom of our hearts thank you for everything, this is a new chapter for the both of us that we hope you will all enjoy !!!

Love you always !!




Valentine's day is not far away, and we want to know "Who wants to be an #MK1Valentine ???"

We will be picking 3 winners who will receive a special valentines day treatment; which includes:

- A valentines card signed + special message by MK1
- A special shout out in our new 'valentines day' acoustic cover video 

To prove your undying love for MK1 all you have to do is the following.....


1. Using your instagram video you must tell us in a poem or spoken word why you should be an #MK1Valentine.

2. You must use full 15 seconds allowed in instagram video.

3. In your caption you must use @charlie_mk1 @simmk1 and #MK1Valentine otherwise your submission will be void.

4. You can only upload once so make it count.

Competition starts: Saturday 8th Feb
Competition ends: Tuesday 11th Feb @ 9pm

We will announce the 3 winners on Wednesday 12th Feb. Good luck you gorgeous people & pray cupid brings us together LOL !!!!



Who's excited for our big show in London, full live band, brand new music, and charlie has a new haircut lol !!!! THIS SHOW CANNOT BE MISSED !!!! We look forward to seeing #TeamMK1, it's been tooo long guys....